About Us

If you think it I can make it.

The idea of Augusta Rose Designs bloomed several years ago.

It all started when I was a preteen, by making all sorts of items just as a pass time. One of which is crochet it’s been a huge part of my life for roughly 17 years. My Nana taught me the basics and I ran with it. I didn’t know how to read patterns for the first portion of my time with crochet, a lot of my work was by sight.  I did this for well over four years. Within this time I met a wonderful woman Colleen  who inspired me to learn how to read the basic’s of reading a pattern. I couldn’t believe the world of possibility’s that has been opened to since this.

But I can honestly say at this time in my life, I can easily consider myself an expert crocheter.

Another passion and business venture I have opened up to, Bath and Body products. I started making my own due to allergy reasons. No nuts, coconut or sunflowers. In this day and age it is still unbelievably hard to find products without those items.

Hard to believe right??

My first bath product I ever made was bath bombs. At first it was challenging to find the perfect formula for my climate. After several trial and error, and loads of research. I have come up with a wonderful product (According to my returning client base).

With selling these so well I decided to expand my horizons to further fill my need to create. All my products allergy friendly.

By the way!!!  *If you have allergies to anything feel free to let me know. I can create something special for you!*

Feel free to browse, and ask questions if needed!!